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Wuthering Heights

1.      Title                    : Wuthering Heights
2.      Author                : Emily Bronte
3.      Summary            :
They story mostly told by Mrs. Ellen (Nelly) Dean. Her mother was a house assistant in Wuthering Heights. After her mother passed away, she took her place as the house assistant of Wuthering Heights and later Thrushcross Grange. This is the summarized version of what Nelly told us:
Old Mr. Earnshaw brought Heatcliff from Liverpool. Heatcliff was an orphan, and as dark as evil. Hindley Earnshaw despises Heatcliff and didn’t want to have any kind of relationship with Heatcliff. Unlike his sister, Catherin, who soon become friend with Heatcliff. At this period of time was when Heatcliff received much unkindness, especially from Hindley. This was because Hindley thought that Heatcliff is an affection thief.
As time passed by, Hindley had become the master and married with France and had a son named Hareton Earnshaw. Unfortunately France died a little time after her baby was born. Heatcliff and Catherine had grown special feeling to each other, until someday Edgar Linton stepped in to their live. Catherine loves Heatcliff, but his status and condition, according to Catherine, would not allow them together. “It would degrade me to marry Heatcliff now,” Catherine said (page 33). Feeling heartbroken, Heatcliff left and soon after that, Catherine married with Edgar and Nelly moved to Thrushcross Grange.
Little moment after Catherine Earnshaw brought Catherine to the world but died on the procession, Heatcliff returned and moved in to Wuthering Heights. Hindley didn’t know how bad what Heatcliff has in mind. Heatcliff approached Edgar’s sister, Isabella, and married her but Isabella found out how evil Heatcliff was and run away in pregnant. On this escaping, Linton Heatcliff was born and Isabella died as well her brother Hindley. Edgar fetched his nephew but Heatcliff claimed his son for the sake of his bad plan to posses Thrushcross Grange. Wuthering Heights had fallen to Heatcliff’s hand and Hareton became merely a slave in his own house.
After his wife died, Edgar loses half of his live spirit. What remained was his love for his daughter. Catherine who at first did not intent to go to Wuthering Heights ended up went there. Heatcliff took that chance to continue his evil plan of revenge. Edgar had prohibited his daughter to visit the Heights but Catherine did not obey.  
The three youths; Catherine, Linton, and Hareton; caught up in some kind of triangle relationship. Catherine gave pity on Linton, Linton has to marry Catherine, and Hareton attracted to Catherine. Linton was not so pure actually because he was used by Heatcliff. Heatcliff wanted Linton and Catherine married so he can poses Thrushcross Grange after his fragile son has dead.
Heatcliff sat up a trap and it was working. Nelly was prisoned on Wuthering Heights for five nights and four days. During the imprisoned, Catherine forced to marry her cousin, Linton, and Edgar was dying. Edgar finally died when Catherine got back to home and Linton became the owner of Thrushcorss Grange. This was not last long because soon Linton, who was expected to die soon, finally died. Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange became Heatcliff’s.
By that time Heatcliff had accomplished his purpose. He rented Thrushcross Grange to Mr. Lockwood, who eventually could not endure the loneliness on the moor and went for London.
Sadly, Heatcliff found no pleasure anymore. He was at despairing condition. He always thought that Catherine Earnshaw haunted him. He could not bear the life he lives. He said: “I have to remind myself to breathe—almost to remind my heart to beat!”
On April 1802, Heatcliff died in strange way. Nelly found him dead smiling on a room wetted by rain. Three month later Mr. Lockwood came to revisit Wuthering Heights on account of some rent business about Thrushcross Grange. He found that life had been so nice on Wuthering Heights: Catherine had become friend with Hareton—who was avoiding Catherine for belittling and making fun of him—, she also teaches him how to read and Nelly took the position of her new master, Catherine, on affairs with others. Nine months later, Catherine and Hareton married and it’s likely that the story ended happy.

4.      Main Characters:
·         Heathcliff
           Old Mr. Earnshaw found Heatcliff in Liverpool homeless and starving. He was as black as night. His childhood on the Heights carved him with unkindness and hatred to be an evil and vengeful person.  This led him to his main goal: to poses all the Earnshaw’s and Linton’s properties.
           Heatcliff was really in love with Catherin Earnshaw but his condition was not allow him to be with Catherine. Even after Catherine dead he stiil felt that Catherine: “has disturbed me, night and day, for eighteen years—without pause without pity—till last night.”
           After returning from his three years disappearing, Heatcliff had changed so much. He became, as Nelly said: “a tall, active, well-formed man.” And his face “older in expression and firmer in shape; it looked intelligent, and had lost all former marks of degradation.”
           We can tolerate how he treats every one by looking to his past experience. In the end after successfully gained all the property and made Earnshaw and Linton in his control, Heatcliff felt empty. He was a man with no purpose anymore.
·         Catherine Earnshaw
           She was the daughter of old Mr. Earnshaw and old Mrs. Earnshaw and sister of Hindley Earnshaw. She has very pretty eyes and sweetest smile and lightest foot in her part of country. It was the prettiest eyes according to Nelly. She was active and made people around her, like Nelly said: “put us out of patience fifty times and more in a day.”
           For Edgar, her love was like the leaves in the wood: time will change it, but her love for Heatcliff is like the unchanging rock beneath. Even though she loves Heatcliff more than Edgar but she decided to marry Edgar. She thinks that by marrying Edgar she would able to help Heatcliff to be a better person by the money she got from Edgar.
            She died when she was delivering Catherine Linton to the world. It believed that Catherine became a ghost and haunted Wuthering Heights especially Heatcliff.
·         Edgar Linton
           Edgar Linton was the son of old Mr. Linton and old Mrs. Linton. He has a sister: Isabella, whom Heatcliff married. He was Catherine Earnshaw’s husband. He absolutely loves his wife. That was the reason after Catherine dead; all he done—except look over his daughter—was caging himself on his room. He dislikes Heatcliff and not wanted her daughter to get any touch with Heatcliff.
·         Catherine Linton
           Catherine Linton is the daughter of Edgar Linto and Catherine Earnshaw. She was named by her mother because her father loves her mother very much.
           She inherited Linton’s hair and much more. Mr. Lookword described her as: “seemed little more than a girl, with an admirable form, and the most delicate little face that I had ever had the pleasure of seeing.” 
           Nelly called her as “The naughty thing.” She is a dominating woman. When Linton came first too Trushcross Grange she, like Nelly said, “Began touching his curls fondly, and kissing his cheek, and offering him tea in her saucer, like a baby.” She often broke her own promise with her father and deceives Nelly. Even so she loves her father very much.
·         Linton Heathcliff
           He is the son of Heatcliff and Isabella. He was born in his mother’s escape. After Heatcliff heard the news about Edgar who fetched him from London, he was taken to Wuthering Heights by Heatcliff.
           He is a fragile man. Everyone who sees him thought that he is going to die really soon. He was very hard to please. He also very bossy, he did not want to do anything even for himself. Everyone must do it for him.
           He was the one who trapped Catherine with his sad looking face and pretend in despairing condition—although he really was in big threatened by his father. This shows how egoistic he was.
·         Hareton Earnshaw
           He was the son of Hindley Earnshaw and France Earnshaw. Even so, he does not really close with his father. After Heatcliff came to Wuthering Heights, he considers Heatcliff as his father. He really respects Heatcliff and makes him as a role model.
           It was implied that he loves Catherine Linton from the first sight. On Catherine second visit to Wuthering Heights Nelly realized that he had cleaned himself to look more attractable.
           Because Linton and Catherine belittled him when he was trying to read, he hates both of them. But when time passed and Catherine became interested on him, he then able to read little by little.
·         Mrs. Ellen Dean
           Her mother was working on Wuthering Height as the nurse of Hareton. At the time Mr. Lockwood came to rent Trushcross Grange she was had come back to Wuthering Heights from Trushcross Grange.
           She was a caring nurse for Catherine Linton. She repeatedly compromise when Catherine broke her promise to her father, but when she thought it was enough, she told Catherine’s father about his daughter went to Wuthering Heights. She also depend Catherine when Heatcliff try to hit her.
           Even though she hates Heatcliff, we can see that she still cared for him. Near Heatcliff death, she often remains Heatcliff to take breakfast and eat.
5.      Setting                :   
            The event took place in England from 1771 to 1802. There are these two houses which most of the story happened there: Wuthering Heights and Trushcross Grange. These two houses is the only house on their neighborhood. They are separated from the society. The distance between the two houses is miles of moor.
            Trushcross Grange is bigger than Wuthering Heights. Mr. Lockwood describes Wuthering Heights: “strongly built. The narrow windows are deeply set in the wall, the corners defended with large stones outside.”
6.      Theme                : Love and family conflict.