Senin, 09 September 2013

Early Britain and The Celts

Why did they migrate to Britain?
To find new place to live; more rich with plants and animals life and also has arable soil.

How did people in this period of time live?
They find food by farming, although they still hunting, fishing and they gathered continue. They also has develop trading method and the using of more effective equipment.

The Celts believe in many Gods and Godness, as well as spirit and sacred animals. They also believe in sacrificing one’s life both animal and human. This is for the purpose ti makes God pleased. Their head of religion called Druids and it’s not easy to be one.

Even though Christian faith took most of Celtic religion place during the late Roman times, we still able to see that Celtic religion is ever existed. This is shown by the evidence such as the stone cross which carved with highly Celtic details.

Why did people of this period often wage wars to their neighbors?

It’s simply because they love it. Celts really love too war. They are famous for their terrifying appearance at war. Sometimes they go war naked.